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A powerful way to connect with your audience or followers in real time.

on Facebook to broadcast a conversation, performance, Q&A or virtual event. Learn how to make personal connections and create shared experiences with Facebook Live.

Connect with your audience in real time from any device and in any location.

Bring your audience behind the scenes and respond to their questions.

Create shared experiences with your fans.

You can live stream to your Page, group, profile, or event via the Facebook app on your mobile device or by using a camera and streaming software (also referred to as an encoder). If you wish to live stream using a camera and an encoder, youll need to broadcast using

Broadcast to your Page, group, profile, or event from anywhere in the world using theFacebook appor theCreator Studio app(both available on iOS and Android).

Navigate to the Page, group, profile or event where you want to publish your live stream.

Tap theLivebutton at the bottom of the post composer.

Add a description to your video. You can also tag friends, check in to a location and add a feeling or activity.

TapFinishwhen you want to end your broadcast.

Find more information on Live Streaming Best Practiceshere.

Click the pen and paper icon in the top right corner of the Home or Posts tab

Select theLivepost option.

Add a description to your video. You can also tag friends, check in to a location and add a feeling or activity.

TapFinishwhen you want to end your broadcast.

When going live from a laptop or desktop computer, youll automatically be directed to Live Producer, which is also how you can go live on Facebook using higher-end production equipment and streaming software.

At the top of your News Feed, clickWhats on your mind, [Your Name]?

Click the three dots icon, then clickLive videoand you will automatically be redirected to Live Producer.

Write a description for your live video.

With live interactive tools, you can drive meaningful communication with your audience and have more control over how you engage with your fans. This includes live polls, featured links, live in Stories, live comment moderation, front row, badges and more.

Withlive polls, effortlessly build polls before a broadcast begins and share them to fans during the broadcast. Receive real-time feedback from your audience on important topics and understand what theyd like to see next.

Withfeatured links, share multiple third party links to sites you care about during your live broadcast.

WithLive in Stories, you can share your live broadcasts directly to Facebook Stories as another way to maximise the reach of your content with your audience.

Withlive comment moderation, you can manage the conversation around your content. You can also designate a specific viewer to moderate comments on your behalf. Learn morehere.

Front rowhighlights your top fans in a special section of your live broadcast. Front row gives you a chance to see who your most loyal fans are so you can give them a shout out during your live.

Badgeshelp you understand how much your fans are engaging with your content and help your fans feel valued. Fans can earn different badges a number of ways, including sending Stars and tuning into live broadcasts.

With Live Producer, you have the option to go live using a camera and streaming software, also referred to as encoding software or an encoder. The encoder thats best for you may depend on the type of content that you plan to stream. There are several programmes to choose from, including free open-source software.Learn moreabout encoding software options and going live with streaming software.

Once you have your encoding software and camera installed, you are ready to go live usingLive Producer.

Learn more about how to use Live Producerhere. If youre planning a larger virtual event or show, we also recommend taking a look atthis advanced Facebook Live guide.

Qualified Pages can add a donate button to their live videos by using the Facebook app on mobile or Live Producer on a computer.

This allows you to raise money during a live video for a non-profit or charitable organisation, including your own. Non-profits using Facebooks payment platform to process donations pay no fee 100% of the donations go to the charity.

*Donations are not available in all markets;check whether fundraising is available in your country or region.

Learn how toadd a Donate buttonto a mobile broadcast.

Live With is a co-broadcasting feature that lets you invite multiple guests into your mobile live broadcast. Live With provides a streamlined experience for going live that makes it easy to invite guests and create different types of live broadcasts.

As the host, you can select multiple guests to go live with during a mobile broadcast from your Page or profile (Live With is not available on desktop or in Live Producer at this time).

This Messenger Rooms feature allows you to turn your room into a co-hosted Facebook Live. You can easily go live with up to fifty people to a Facebook profile, Page or group that you manage.

Whether you are hosting a book club, interviewing a panel of experts, teaching a fitness class or broadcasting with your friends for fun, going live from a room makes it easy to have more interactive broadcasts with audiences of any size.

If youre using Live Producer, you can bring guests into your broadcast by using platforms such asBe.LiveStage

Find the partner that is right for you. Video conferencing software providers such as Zoom and BlueJeans also allow you to broadcast live to Facebook with multiple participants.

Learn more about broadcasting live to Facebook usingZoomandBlueJeans, or ask your video conferencing provider if they support this functionality.

Hereare some things to bear in mind before, during and after your stream on Facebook Live.

To support creators, small businesses and other media partners, Facebook offers the option to host an online or paid online* event with Messenger Rooms, Facebook Live or other video chatting platforms.

Depending on where you decide to host your event, online and paid online events* allow you to limit content distribution to those who have registered to attend for free or purchased admission, respectively. You can learn more about online eventshere, as well as explorethese lessonsfor more information on planning and producing an online event on Facebook.

To make it easier to discover and join these online events, we have also redesigned the Events bookmark. From here, your audience can quickly find events happening now, as well as discover those based on their interests, allowing them to stay connected with you and other events they care about.

*Paid online events are available to a selected group of partners at this time. You can learn morehere.

To better support our partners, were improving the tools that help creators earn money and manage their presence on Facebook. Were expanding access to fan support products, such as Fan subscriptions and Stars, as well as offering new ways to monetise video content, including ads in short-form video, ads for live video and new ad experiences. You can learn morehere.

If youre using a connected camera and encoder, you can schedule a live stream up to one week in advance in Live Producer. If possible, we recommend scheduling live broadcasts ahead of time to make your audience aware of upcoming broadcasts and to more easily connect when your stream begins.Learn more about scheduling a live broadcast.

Learn how to make connections and create shared experiences on Facebook live video.

Join us to discover how to take your live streams to the next level and the monetisation options we have available for your live content.

Let fans show you love when you take your shows online.

Take your live stream to the next level and let fans tip you virtually when you go live.

Earn money with ads that keep your content front and centre.

Use Facebook Live to host events with paid admission.

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